What you need to know about bullying in the workplace

Bullying in the workplace is wrong!

It is typically observed as acts or verbal comments that could emotionally or physically offend or hurt or segregate a person in the workplace.

Bullying habitually comprises recurrent incidents or an array of behavior that is planned to intimidate, offend, vitiate or humiliate a specific person or set of people.

It has also been termed as the contention of power through aggression.

Note in certain conditions - remarks that are objective and are planned to offer productive feedback are not generally considered bullying, but rather are projected to help the worker with his or her job.

Understand also that bullying and pesky behavior does not include the following:

· Articulating variances of opinion.

· Providing positive feedback, guidance, or counsel about work‑related behavior.

· Rational action taken by an establishment or supervisor linking to the administration and direction of employees or the place of service – for instance handling a worker's performance, taking realistic punitive actions, allocating work.

Bullying involves excluding or segregating someone socially, intimidating someone, undermining or purposely hindering a person's work, physically molesting or threatening abuse, creating impossible deadlines that will set up a worker to fail, cracking on expensive jokes that are 'clearly offensive' by spoken or written word, amongst others.

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